TASCAM FW1082 (Magyar | English)
Service uart port
Factory tests can be achived by using the 5pins uart connector on the blackplate (CPU board) of FW1082 product...

Linux Firewire driver
Just a quick study of linux support of the fw1082 device...

Reverse Engineering firmware
This product use an ATMEL AT91M42800A, which have an ARM7TDMI core inside. There is a port extender connected to the CPU, which is a XILINX XC2S100 (SPARTAN-II) FPGA. The firware binary size is aproximately 128kByte. I found a small segment at the end, with textual constants. So the whole code contains a lot of CPU codes. (fpga binary is a separated file, stored in a separated flash partition).
Actually I am looking for a reasonable ARM disasm tool, becuase still I found only dumb disassemblers, which was not able to separate the literals. I was spent a little time to read posts in different forums, I guess TEAC was not so helpful in open source community esp. in linux driver developers. Furthermore, I was not find an exact service manual for this model too. I was used the only available schematics for a similar product, which is 80% the same.

MIDI controller?
This product can operat without a computer. In this stand-alone mode, it is act as a small 8 analog 2 digit inputs mixer with 2 analog and 2 digit outputs. The monitor mixing feature capable to set panoramas and levels for each mono channels. Furthermore, the midi ports still working as usual. So we can use the stand-alone product as a midi controller. The way of the midi operation (wich cc commands used by faders) can be reconfigured by PC only. (midi learn function not operates in stand-alone mode). Then midimap stored in flash automatically in the products flash memory, so later it will send the same commands.

I bought a lot device, which was not working at all. It was cheap, and I wanted to use the parts only. But, when I spent a little time to investigating the internals, I find this can be repearing. So actually, I replace a motor driver chip, and replace some capacitors in Power supply. The main problem of my device was arround the analog powers, and huge power consumption. All of the subsystems operates well.